Quality COOLMAX® fibre with hi tech engineering

Super Comfortable

COOLMAX® is a hi quality tetra channel polyester micro-fibre which is soft, breathable, and moisture wicking., keeping you dry and comfortable.  Super fast drying makes it perfect for travelers.

The Scongo is woven in a special pattern to make a seamless tube with stretch in just one direction allowing it to comfortably form around your head and neck anyway you wear it.

Protecting You From The Elements

With a thickness of just 140gsm it can be used all year round.  Super comfy to wear whatever the weather. Tested by ARPANSA, your Scongo provides UPF 30 - Very Good Sun Protection.

Hi Tech Engineered

The cloth is then further engineered to make it super evaporative and to stay fresh and hygienic. 


HYDROCOOL® treatment gives the material hydrophilic effects, absorbing perspiration from the skin, transporting it away from the body and evaporating it into the air to keep your Scongo™ dry and comfortable.



SILVERPLUS® technology controls odour causing bacteria with its anti-microbial properties for the best hygiene and freshness



How to care for your scongo

With this technology you’ll hardly ever have to wash your Scongo™, but when you do you can machine wash it in warm water (no hotter than 30°C). Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean your Scongo™… you don’t need to even for formal occasions!